Do you trust your senses?

This week another story emerged in the media about a city appearing in the clouds on 7 October – this time in Foshan in the Guangdong province of China.

Cloud City in Foshan 2015Image of cloud city above Foshan, 2015 (source unknown)

I’m not sure about it being evidence of a parallel universe but it has certainly created a time warp. I have spent a long time on YouTube now… looking at the conspiracy theories. All the bases have been covered: NASA practicing for the illusion of Christ’s second coming, an alien invasion rehearsal, China trying out a new weapon that will annihilate the west, evidence of the Satanic New World Order orchestrate by HAARP or Project Blue Beam (or both).

This type of optical mirage has happened before. I remember doing the same YouTube pilgrimage when a city appeared in the clouds over the Xin’an River in Huanshan City in East Chinain 2011.

Cloud city, Huangshan City, 2011Image of cloud city above Huanshan City, 2011 (source unknown)

This was in the same month a US marketing campaign promoted a horror movie by using cutting edge technology to send a whisper directly into the ears of passers by from the top of a five story building. According to passers-by, the sound was so direct that others stood in close proximity couldn’t hear the same spooky whispers. Strangely enough, when I tried to research this topic, I couldn’t find any of the coverage, despite it being widespread at the time. My computer has also just started to crash. Read in to that what you will…

AND, in 2014, Michael Jackson made his first posthumous performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

We may never be able to trust our senses again. You have entered the Matrix!

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