Revelations in photography

Revelations in PhotographyÉtienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904),
Air currents revealed by streams of smoke
broken by a solid object, 1901

An exhibition featuring some of the rarest images from the pioneers of early scientific photography and the influence on modern and contemporary art.

The show walks you through examples of how the ability to capture and measure phenomena which lay outside of the human vision has changed our understanding of the world around us.

Amongst the exhibits you can see an original photographic print of X-Ray, the earliest recorded images of the moon from 1874 and photographs capturing electrical discharges in 1892. A personal favourite was an early photograph from 1899 of a lightning storm in Kent, UK, revealing how lightning forks down.

lightning postcard

Lightning Strike, Kent, 1899

Revelations: Experiments in Photography
Media Space, Science Museum, London
Until 13 September 2015

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