Cartographies of Time

Cartographies of Time

Cartographies of TimeThese are some examples of timelines from a book by Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton entitled Cartographies of Time – A History of the Timeline. The book is a comprehensive history of graphic representations of time. The selection is wide ranging from medieval manuscripts to websites, from the intricate and esoteric, to the refined and minimalistic. If you are a history geek, you will be looking at these pages for hours.

Daniel Rosenberg is associate professor of history at the University of Oregon and is also the editor of Histories of the Future* with Susan Harding. Anthony Grafton is a historian at Princeton.

Daniel Rosenberg Histories of the Future
*Histories of the Future looks at how our lives are constructed around ideas and images about the future that are as full and as flawed as our understandings of the past. It explores links between panic and nostalgia, waiting and utopia, technology and messianism, prophecy and trauma, it brings together critical meditations on the social, cultural, and intellectual forces that create narratives and practices of the future.


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