Ice Age art arrival of the modern mind

Art before the ice age british museumThe oldest known portrait of a woman sculpted from
mammoth ivory found at Dolní Vestonice, Moravia,
Czech Republic, approximately 26,000 years old

Seeing this show was humbling. Created between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago by artists with modern minds like our own, you can view some of the world’s oldest known sculptures, drawings and portraits. Alongside the exhibition the British Library hosted a talk – Art and the arrival of the modern brain, where Semir Zeki, Professor of Neuroesthetics at University College London, talked about the ways that art aided society 40,000 years ago and the similarities of how art still continues to enrich our lives and offer an outlet of expression and an important communication device. 


Semir Zeki

Zeki explained how art allowed the circulation of knowledge, and enabled sharing between groups and individuals. The lasting message that I took from this encounter was that people 40,000 years ago were clever enough to realise that there are important things that can’t be communicated through language.

Ice Age art arrival of the modern mind
British Museum, London
Until 2 June 2013

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