Julia Kristeva – Power of Horrors

Julia KristivaJulia Kristiva

There is no doubt that this is a heavy going book by the Bulgarian-French philosopher – Julia Kristeva. A lot of this book was beyond my grasp when I read it back in 2007. However, there were moments within it where I felt my brain click and reading this passage was one of those; it changed my outlook on life in an instant:

“These body fluids, this defilement, this shit are what life withstands, hardly and with difficulty, on the part of death. There, I am at the border of my condition as a living being. My body extricates itself, as being alive, from that border. Such wastes drop so that I might live, until, from loss to loss, nothing remains in me and my entire body falls beyond the limit.” Julia Kristeva, Power of Horrors, 1982

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